Repurpose Concrete Splash Guards

It seems that no matter where you end a path or a step the lawn or area just beyond it become a trampled soggy mess during rainy periods.  It also seems that over time we have replace all of our old concrete down spout diverters or splash guards with the accordion type tubes that direct the… Read More »

Sweet Potato Biscuits

I’ve wanted to try making sweet potato biscuits since I tasted one at a farmer’s market.  This is a great way to use extra sweet potatoes.  I’ve been growing sweet potatoes for the last 3 years.  The yield gets better every year but I supplement our supply by going to a local pick your own farm. … Read More »

What I Learned About the Farmer’s Market by Being a Vendor

This summer my husband and I started a new adventure by becoming a vendor at our local farmer’s market.  This is a very large, well attended market with space for 72 vendors.  Most Saturdays every space is filled with a few less vendors on Wednesdays.  I’ve learned a lot about the farmer’s market by being a… Read More »

Greenhouse and Hog Farm Tour-Know Your Farmer Part 1

In the interest of connecting consumers with farmers the Farm Bureau hosts bloggers on a farm tour once or twice a year. At our first stop we toured a greenhouse and pig barn.  The greenhouse is a fairly new addition to the farm. One of the sons decided to join the family business and the… Read More »

Microgreens: How to Use Them

Microgreens have a higher nutrient density compared with mature greens.  To learn more about microgreens in general click here. That’s all well and good but how do you get all the green goodness into your diet?  Adding microgreens to your diet is less about recipes and more about ideas.  They can be added raw to: salads soups… Read More »

Microgreens: How to Harvest and Wash

If you are wondering what microgreens are you can get some general information in this post.  You have your micro greens that you’ve either grown or perhaps purchased.  I think the best way to purchase microgreens is as living plants.  As soon as you cut or harvest the greens the clock starts ticking.  Microgreens sold… Read More »

New Genetic Engineering Tool Needs no USDA Approval

There is a new genetic engineering technology called CRISPR that will create foods that do not need to be approved by the USDA.  Here is a sciency article about the technology.  The CRISPR technique deletes or edits gene sequences and since there is no foreign DNA introduced, the USDA has decided that they do not need to approve… Read More »

Get to Know Micro-greens

What are micro-greens?  You aren’t alone if you are asking that question.  Micro-greens are really small versions of plants you already know and love (well even if you don’t love some of their grown up counterparts, you may still love micros).  They are somewhere between a sprout and a “baby” green. Micro greens are high in… Read More »

Organic Food-Cheap, Just Ask!

I got 4 dozen of these extra large, organic, brown eggs for .25 a dozen this week!  One of our local grocery stores is very proactive about discounting eggs and dairy that are about to expire.  Expiration dates are really more like suggestions than hard and fast rules.  “Use by”, “Sell by”, “Best by” are dates suggested… Read More »

DIY Step-Cheap

We needed a step between the garage door and the patio so we repurposed some things we had on had to make step.  We used a scrap 2×4 to build a box, filled it with dirt, placed 3 stepping stones on top (they don’t show up very well in the photo) and filled in with pea gravel.  I’m happy… Read More »