Memorial Day Official Start to….Chigger Season

Oh how I hate chiggers!  If you haven’t experienced them, they are nearly invisible bugs that live in grass and brush during the summer.  Their bite, while not technically a bite, leaves a red itchy welt but you don’t know right away that you have become the host to a chigger.    They are attracted by… Read More »

How to Render Lard

Once vilified as the epitome of bad fats, lard is making a comeback!  Lard and other animal fats are showing up on natural food store shelves and coolers at premium prices. These are $9.99 for 11 ounces! There is still controversy surrounding the health risks/benefits of lard and I found opinions on both sides and a… Read More »

Another Layer on the Greenhouse

  Freezing drizzle has been falling since last night.  A light snow and bitter cold are on the way so of course this is the very last opportunity to add another layer of plastic to the greenhouse if I want to save the plants inside.  I have a 4×6 foot “lean to” greenhouse.  The greenhouse… Read More »

Growing Microgreens

One of the coolest things about microgreens is that you can grow them year round.  In the middle of winter when everything is brown and gray outside and you know most supermarket produce travels more miles than you did on your last vacation, something fresh, alive and packed with nutrients is welcome.  If you are new… Read More »

Living, Edible Centerpieces

What could be more fun than having a fresh, living, edible centerpiece for a holiday table?  It’s even more fun if you grow your own with microgreens.  To make this center piece, start with a 4 inch plastic plant saucer.  They are available year round at most hardware stores .  You’ll also need a matching 4 inch terra… Read More »

Repurpose Concrete Splash Guards

It seems that no matter where you end a path or a step the lawn or area just beyond it become a trampled soggy mess during rainy periods.  It also seems that over time we have replace all of our old concrete down spout diverters or splash guards with the accordion type tubes that direct the… Read More »

Sweet Potato Biscuits

I’ve wanted to try making sweet potato biscuits since I tasted one at a farmer’s market.  This is a great way to use extra sweet potatoes.  I’ve been growing sweet potatoes for the last 3 years.  The yield gets better every year but I supplement our supply by going to a local pick your own farm. … Read More »

What I Learned About the Farmer’s Market by Being a Vendor

This summer my husband and I started a new adventure by becoming a vendor at our local farmer’s market.  This is a very large, well attended market with space for 72 vendors.  Most Saturdays every space is filled with a few less vendors on Wednesdays.  I’ve learned a lot about the farmer’s market by being a… Read More »

Greenhouse and Hog Farm Tour-Know Your Farmer Part 1

In the interest of connecting consumers with farmers the Farm Bureau hosts bloggers on a farm tour once or twice a year. At our first stop we toured a greenhouse and pig barn.  The greenhouse is a fairly new addition to the farm. One of the sons decided to join the family business and the… Read More »

Microgreens: How to Use Them

Microgreens have a higher nutrient density compared with mature greens.  To learn more about microgreens in general click here. That’s all well and good but how do you get all the green goodness into your diet?  Adding microgreens to your diet is less about recipes and more about ideas.  They can be added raw to: salads soups… Read More »