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What I Learned About the Farmer’s Market by Being a Vendor

This summer my husband and I started a new adventure by becoming a vendor at our local farmer’s market.  This is a very large, well attended market with space for 72 vendors.  Most Saturdays every space is filled with a few less vendors on Wednesdays.  I’ve learned a lot about the farmer’s market by being a… Read More »

Microgreens: How to Harvest and Wash

If you are wondering what microgreens are you can get some general information in this post.  You have your micro greens that you’ve either grown or perhaps purchased.  I think the best way to purchase microgreens is as living plants.  As soon as you cut or harvest the greens the clock starts ticking.  Microgreens sold… Read More »

New Genetic Engineering Tool Needs no USDA Approval

There is a new genetic engineering technology called CRISPR that will create foods that do not need to be approved by the USDA.  Here is a sciency article about the technology.  The CRISPR technique deletes or edits gene sequences and since there is no foreign DNA introduced, the USDA has decided that they do not need to approve… Read More »

Who Can Afford to Eat Organic?- update

It’s that time of year when people are thinking about getting healthy and saving money and asking if those two desires are mutually exclusive.  Two years ago I wrote a series of posts about the affordability of organic food.  Do you feel like food prices have increased since then?  I sure do!  I reference the USDA data… Read More »

Bone Broth-How to Make Beef Broth

If you haven’t heard about bone broth yet, you probably will soon.  It is one of those very old nutritional ideas that is enjoying fresh attention. The terms broth and stock are often used interchangeably and you can find different definitions depending on where you look.  Most often the term “bone broth” is used for… Read More »

Homemade Hand Warmers

I’ve been walking outside this winter for the first time, well, ever.  Along the way I’ve been experimenting with clothing combinations and ways to keep warm.  Last year I made everyone a homemade rice wrap (anti-stress microwaveable neck pillow) for Christmas. These are simple and inexpensive to make with some scrap fabric and white rice… Read More »