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This is My Rock Pile

This is My Rock Pile

rock pile

This is my rock pile.  Visitors to my back yard frequently ask, “Where did you get all those rocks?”  From my yard, of course, do you want some?  I’ve heard it said that when builders develop a neighborhood, they remove and sell the valuable top soil, then build the homes and slap some sod over the rocky subsoil.  It would seem to be so in our neighborhood.  All of those rocks came from our yard.  Many of the larger ones have been used for a pathway and even a garden bench.

The weather was beautiful today.   You can probably tell that I’ve been spending every possible good weather moment in the yard as the frequency of blog posts has decreased.

So today I went to work planting some blueberries that had overwintered in the greenhouse.  They are just about ready to bloom so I thought I should be getting them planted.  This is my third (or maybe even fourth) attempt to have blueberry plants.  They always die.  Of course when I tried to dig the first hole, I ran into a large rock.

rock in the hole

It must be a rule of landscaping/gardening in eastern Kansas that if you need to dig a hole for anything, there will be a big rock in that spot.  We have found a 30 pound, 5 foot pry bar to be an invaluable tool for such occasions.  I pressed on the pry bar, I stepped on the pry bar, I sat on the pry bar.  I filled the hole back in with dirt under the rock while sitting on the pry bar.  I propped a smaller rock underneath the big rock and finally was able to flip it out of the hole.

rock almost out

I planted my blueberry plant and moved on to plant blueberry number two.  Of course there was a big rock in this hole also, but again I used the long pry bar to wrestle the rock out of the hole.  In the end, victory was mine.

blueberries planted

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