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Dandelion Olympics

Dandelion Olympics

dandelion in rocks

Since we switched to organic lawn products the war on weeds has taken on new meaning.  Part of the problem is that the organic products we’ve used have to be put down before the weeds emerge.  Isn’t that like fixing a leaky faucet before it starts leaking, planning dinner before you are hungry, saving money for Christmas before December??  Of course that would happen in the perfect world but most years, it doesn’t.

dandelions in beds

Add to that the dandelions growing between the garden beds where years of mulch on top of weed barrier have degraded into a great growing medium and you have an annual explosion of dandelions.

There should be a dandelion Olympics.  You know, make lemonade out of lemons kind of thing.  You could have a gold medal for the biggest dandelion, longest tap root, biggest bare spot in the lawn once removed, largest number of blooms on one plant., earliest to bloom, harshest growing medium (I swear they grow in concrete) and more.  Think of the possibilities.  If only they were edible…oh wait, they are!  Now that my lawn is organic, I could try that.  Maybe next year.

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