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Scare Tape Letters

Scare Tape Letters

Dear birds, squirrels, raccoons and various other assorted wild life,

I have worked too hard on my garden to let you have all my berries, grapes and fruit.  I don’t mind sharing a little but it is so very frustrating to walk out into the garden only to see the ground littered with pears that you have taken one or two bites out of!  You seem to know when things are just about ready to harvest, but not quite.  You seemed to steal away the 3 or 4 blueberries I had this year and my black berries are red one day and gone the next.  You managed this in spite of the bird netting that I put up all around the berries.  The plants and my boots seemed to get very tangled in the stuff, but you managed to come and go with ease.  You left a trail of broken grape clusters on the ground under every vine, yes they were too sour to eat!  I’m sure you”ll be back when they are more ripe.  You dug up my corn seeds and ate them even after I tried replanting.

This has got to stop.  I am adding a little sparkle to my garden to scare you away. I have hung discarded CDs from the grape wiresCd in grapes and put scare tape in the trees.

scare tape

When the breeze hits the tape it shoots reflections all over the yard and hopefully warns you away.


It doesn’t work so well when there is no breeze.   I hope you don’t get too used to it because then it won’t be as effective.  If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to take it to the next level.  The inflatable snake is only $9.99 at the garden center, I’m warning you now.  Don’t make me get the snake and move it around every two days so you think it’s real!


The owner

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