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Food Donation Dilemma-What I Decided

Food Donation Dilemma-What I Decided

bandaid peanut butterLast post I explored my personal dilemma over donating food that I considered unhealthy to a church food drive, probably at greater length than you cared to read.  In any case I am back with what I have decided.

1.  We did donate cash to the food drive.  This is the “Band-aid” to help now.

2. Going forward I will look for extra items that I would feed my own family when I find them on special and set them aside to donate when needed.

3. We will set aside some cash to donate to the local fresh food drives that occur throughout the year, probably in lieu of donating specific processed food items to a food drive.

4. We will look for opportunities and find out how to donate surplus garden produce to local sources.  This has been on my mind, but I never pursued it.

If you’ve taken steps to reduce or eliminate processed foods from your families diet, I’d love to hear how you deal with the dilemma of donating processed food or not.



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  • I think that’s a good idea. Its definitely better to donate stuff you have on hand rather than throwing it away, but I think we should strive to donate the same things we feel are good enough for our families.

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