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Veterans Day and I am Invisible

Berta army

It has become politically correct to honor veterans and it is long overdue.  Within the last 5 years people have started saying, “Thank you for your service” when they find out I am a veteran.  Businesses are rushing to provide everything from free car washes to free meals for veterans.  Since my husband and I are both veterans, it has become a day to be appreciated.  I have found, though, that I am usually invisible.  Take for instance the time I went to my local Hen House for groceries on Veterans Day.  Right inside the front entrance there was an employee handing out free slices of pie to veterans.  Cool.  I stood in line behind one man to wait my turn and another man got in line behind me.  When my turn came, the (male) employee reached around me to greet the man behind me and offer him the free slice of pie.  That is when I knew I was invisible.

My husband and I went to Applebees for dinner one year and the server asked my husband, “Sir, are you a veteran?”  At the car wash an older gentleman was offered the free car wash without asking.  When I inquired, the sales clerk had to check with the manager. I always have my identification handy.  I’m not mad or offended, but it does take a bit of the sparkle off of being appreciated.

I want to thank all the businesses that show appreciation to our veterans.  Many veterans have sacrificed beyond what we can imagine, both men and women, young and old.  My Mom (pictured above) was a veteran.  Find a good article on the challenges facing women veterans today here.  I hope to raise awareness that the women around you might also be veterans.  Don’t let them be invisible.

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