Our Model

Our preferred model is to bring you microgreens still alive and growing in a small amount of organic grow mix. It is similar to getting a head of lettuce with the root ball still attached. These living microgreens will stay fresh and have peak nutrition for up to 2 weeks if kept refrigerated. This means little to no wasted product!
During the farmer’s market season (April through November) we will have many varieties of microgreens growing all the time. You can contact us with your order or purchase at one of our Farmer’s Markets. December through March we grow to order for you, which means we need a little lead time (usually 8 days) to grow what you want. We are happy to provide microgreens for a single event or on a regular basis.
We also offer some edible flowers in season.

Our Values

We are a small-scale grower focusing on quality and attention to detail. Our system is low tech and hands on. We use organic grow mix and organic seeds in most cases. We enjoy working with chefs personally to meet their needs. Not everything can be grown as a microgreen but we do enjoy trying new things.


We sell our live greens in a 3x5 tray. The minimum order for wholesale pricing is 6 trays. We offer volume discounts for customers that have a regular order of 24 or more trays.


We deliver on Tuesdays. We have a delivery route that takes us downtown Kansas City, down through Westport, the plaza and back through Leawood and Overland Park. If you are near our delivery route and order at least 6 trays we will be glad to deliver for no charge on our regular delivery day. Otherwise, we may charge a delivery fee, let’s talk.


We would be happy to bring you samples of our microgreens to try. Click here for our varieties. Email us at info@foodlifejoy.com for our price list and contact info if you’d like to have us bring by samples.